Our Facilities

The hotel offers weblink you a range of activities such as excursions (safari) around the remote outskirts of the country, to historical sites, academic institutions and to areas promoting ecotourism, the flora and click this link fauna of our heritage.

  • Bamboo Garden Restaurant

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    Propped up for the eye to satisfy its curiosity is the restaurant. Built at a higher platform for the clear view of the entire hotel vicinity and accommodating circulation of fresh air around its perimeter.

    You will surely find it relaxing to have your precious meal. Breakfast is served in a Buffet style for your discrete options while sitting back to enjoy meal on a Bamboo chair. The restaurant offers both local Gambian style and international cuisines.

  • Foreign Exchange

    Foreign exchange does fluctuate as to the global market though you are assured of the best rate for your money’s worth. You may do your transactions in payments of the Pound, Dollar, Euro and Kroner’s. The Gambian Dalasi is acceptable in payment of all bills incurred in the hotel as you enjoy your precious holiday adventure. We also proudly accept VISA credit card payment for mall goods and services rendered to you.